[Resource Topic] 2020/551: Higher Order Differential Attack against Full-Round BIG

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Higher Order Differential Attack against Full-Round BIG

Authors: Naoki Shibayama, Yasutaka Igarashi, Toshinobu Kaneko


BIG is a 128-bit block cipher proposed by Demeri et al. in 2019. The number of rounds is 18 for high security. The designer evaluated its security against linear cryptanalysis. On the other hand, it has not been reported the security of BIG against higher order differential attack, which is one of the algebraic attacks. In this paper, we focused on a higher order differential of BIG. We found a new 15-round saturation characteristc of BIG using 1-st order differential by computer experiment. Exploiting this characteristic, we show that full-round BIG can be attacked with 6 chosen plaintexts and 2^(2.7) encryption operations.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2020/551

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