[Resource Topic] 2020/873: Post-Quantum Group Key Agreement Scheme

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Post-Quantum Group Key Agreement Scheme

Authors: Julia Bobrysheva, Sergey Zapechnikov


Progress in quantum technologies forces the development of new cryptographic primitives that are resistant to attacks of an adversary with a quantum computer. A large number of key establishment schemes have been proposed for two participants, but the area of group post-quantum key establishment schemes has not been studied a lot. Not so long ago, an isogeny-based key agreement scheme was proposed for three participants, based on a gradual increase in the degree of the key. We propose another principle for establishing a key for a group of participants using a tree-structure. The proposed key establishment scheme for four participants uses isogeny of elliptic curves as a mathematical tool.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2020/873

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