[Resource Topic] 2020/276: CryptoPIM: In-memory Acceleration for Lattice-based Cryptographic Hardware

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CryptoPIM: In-memory Acceleration for Lattice-based Cryptographic Hardware

Authors: Hamid Nejatollahi, Saransh Gupta, Mohsen Imani, Tajana Simunic Rosing, Rosario Cammarota, Nikil Dutt


Quantum computers promise to solve hard mathematical problems such as integer factorization and discrete logarithms in polynomial time, making standardized public-key cryptography (such as digital signature and key agreement) insecure. Lattice-Based Cryptography (LBC) is a promising post-quantum public-key cryptographic protocol that could replace standardized public-key cryptography, thanks to the inherent post-quantum resistant properties, efficiency, and versatility. A key mathematical tool in LBC is the Number Theoretic Transform (NTT), a common method to compute polynomial multiplication that is the most compute-intensive routine, and which requires acceleration for practical deployment of LBC protocols. In this paper, we propose, a high-throughput Processing In-Memory (PIM) accelerator for NTT-based polynomial multiplier with the support of polynomials with degrees up to 32k. Compared to the fastest FPGA implementation of an NTT-based multiplier, achieves on average 31x throughput improvement with the same energy and only 28% performance reduction, thereby showing promise for practical deployment of LBC.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2020/276

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