[Resource Topic] 2018/1120: Organizational Cryptography for Access Control

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Organizational Cryptography for Access Control

Authors: Masahito Gotaishi, Shigeo Tsujii


A cryptosystem for granting/rescinding access permission is proposed, based on elliptic curve cryptography. The Organizational Cryptosystem' grants access permission not by giving secret (decription) key to the corresponding user but by converting the ciphertext so that the user can decript with their secret key. The conversion key’ for the document, which is created from the secret key which the ciphertext has been originally encrypted for, the public key of the member who shall be permitted to read the ciphertext, and a part of the ciphertext. Therefore it is not possible to decrypt the ciphertext with the conversion key. Nor, for the administrator who issues the conversion key, to obtain any information about the plaintext.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2018/1120

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