[Resource Topic] 2004/282: New Monotone Span Programs from Old

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New Monotone Span Programs from Old

Authors: Ventzislav Nikov, Svetla Nikova


In this paper we provide several known and one new constructions of new
linear secret sharing schemes (LSSS) from existing ones.
This constructions are well-suited for didactic purposes, which is a main
goal of this paper. It is well known that LSSS are in one-to-one correspondence with monotone span programs (MSPs).
MSPs introduced by Karchmer and Wigderson, can be viewed as a linear algebra model for computing a monotone function (access structure).
Thus the focus is in obtaining a MSP computing the new access
structure starting from the MSPs that compute the existing ones,
in the way that the size of the MSP after the transformation is well defined.
Next we define certain new operations on access structures and prove certain related

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2004/282

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