[Resource Topic] 2009/197: Practical pseudo-collisions for hash functions ARIRANG-224/384

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Practical pseudo-collisions for hash functions ARIRANG-224/384

Authors: Jian Guo, Krystian Matusiewicz, Lars R. Knudsen, San Ling, Huaxiong Wang


In this paper we analyse the security of the SHA-3 candidate ARIRANG. We show that bitwise complementation of whole registers turns out to be very useful for constructing high-probability differential characteristics in the function. We use this approach to find near-collisions with Hamming weight 32 for the full compression function as well as collisions for the compression function of ARIRANG reduced to 26 rounds, both with complexity close to 2^0 and memory requirements of only a few words. We use near collisions for the compression function to construct pseudo-collisions for the complete hash functions ARIRANG-224 and ARIRANG-384 with complexity 2^{23} and close to 2^0, respectively. We implemented the attacks and provide examples of appropriate pairs of H,M values. We also provide possible configurations which may give collisions for step-reduced and full ARIRANG.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2009/197

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