[Resource Topic] 2005/089: Cryptographer's Toolkit for Construction of $8$-Bit Bent Functions

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Cryptographer’s Toolkit for Construction of 8-Bit Bent Functions

Authors: Hans Dobbertin, Gregor Leander


Boolean functions form basic building blocks in various cryptographic algorithms. They are used for instance as filters in stream ciphers. Maximally non-linear (necessarily non-balanced) Boolean functions with an even number of variables are called bent functions. Bent functions can be modified to get balanced highly non-linear Boolean functions.

Recently the first author has demonstrated how bent functions can be studied in a recursive framework of certain integer-valued functions. Based on this new approach we describe the practical systematic construction of 8-bit bent functions. We outline also how to compute the number of all 8-bit bent functions.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2005/089

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