[Resource Topic] 2006/140: GVG-RP: A Net-centric Negligibility-based Security Model for Self-organizing Networks

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GVG-RP: A Net-centric Negligibility-based Security Model for Self-organizing Networks

Authors: Jiejun Kong


We present a rigorous approach to building a secure self-organizing
mobile ad hoc network (MANET). In a highly dynamic environment like
MANET, it is impossible to ensure absolute security to protect
everything. We have to speak of the “infeasibility” of breaking the
security system rather than the “impossibility” of breaking the same
system. More formally, security is defined on the concept of
“negligible”, which is asymptotically sub-polynomial with respect to a
pre-defined system parameter n. Intuitively, the parameter n in
modern cryptography is the key length. The crypto-system’s security is
broken if the adversary’s capability is of exponentials of n, and the
efficiency of all related algorithms is measured in polynomials of n.

We adopt the same formal security notion in ad hoc network security
research. In network security, the network scale (i.e., number of
network members) N replaces the role of key length n in
cryptography. If a security scheme can be devised to ensure that the
probability of security failure is negligible, then the larger the
network scale is or the more complex the network system is, the more
secure the network is. In other words, given a negligibility-based
protection against a specific security attack, larger or more complex
systems are favored over smaller or simpler systems. Intuitively, this
is consistent with the evolution theory where more complex entities
probabilistically emerge from and likely survive longer than their less
complex counterparts.

In this paper, we use rushing attack'' as the exemplary security attack to disrupt mobile ad hoc routing. We show that rushing
attack’’ is a severe attack against on-demand ad hoc routing schemes.
Fortunately, ``localized forwarding community area’’ is an available
countermeasure to ensure that the failure probability of packet
forwarding is negligible. This demonstrates the usefulness of our
negligibility-based network security model. We expect to augment the
pool of negligibility-based protections and explore the general notion
in other types of networks.\

\emph{Keywords}—Net-centric Security = Negligibility + Scalability

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2006/140

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