[Resource Topic] 2008/255: Embedding in Two Least Significant Bits with Wet Paper Coding

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Embedding in Two Least Significant Bits with Wet Paper Coding

Authors: Xin Liao, Qiao-yan Wen


In this paper, we present three embedding schemes for extensions of least significant bit overwriting to both of the two lowest bit planes in digital images. Our approaches are inspired by the work of Fridrich et al. [8] who proposed wet paper coding as an efficient method for steganographic schemes. Our new works generalize it to the embedding in two least significant bits, that is to say, combine two novel extensions of least significant bits embedding and the double-layered embedding developed in [16] with wet paper coding, respectively. The proposed schemes improve steganographic security and are less vulnerable to steganalytic attacks compared with original schemes with shared selection channels between the sender and the recipient.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2008/255

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