[Resource Topic] 2023/1509: Efficient and Usable Coercion-Resistant E-Voting on the Blockchain

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Efficient and Usable Coercion-Resistant E-Voting on the Blockchain

Authors: Neyire Deniz Sarier


In [1], Sarier presents a practical biometric-based non-transferable credential scheme that maintains the efficiency of the underlying Brands credential. In this paper, we design a new Blockchain-Based E-Voting (BBEV) scheme that combines the system of [1] with encrypted Attribute Based Credentials for a non-transferable code-voting approach to achieve efficient, usable, anonymous, transparent, auditable, verifiable, receipt-free and coercion-resistant remote voting system for small/medium scale elections. To the best of our knowledge, the system is the first user-centric BBEV scheme that depends on the one-show Brands’ Credential both for biometric authentication and pre-encrypted ballot generation leading to a natural prevention against double voting. Even though the system is instantiated with Bitcoin Blockchain due to its prevalence and various coin mixers available for anonymity, the system is designed to be generic, i.e. independent of the cryptocurrency. Thus, the new BBEV scheme can be extended to large-scale elections for public Blockchains with higher throughput/cheaper transaction fees. Finally, a cost analysis based on the last USA presidential election data shows that, the new BBEV is advantageous over the traditional one if implemented for three consecutive elections.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/1509

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