[Resource Topic] 2011/358: Constructing a Ternary FCSR with a Given Connection Integer

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Constructing a Ternary FCSR with a Given Connection Integer

Authors: Lin Zhiqiang, Pei Dingyi


FCSRs have been proposed as an alternative to LFSRs for the design of stream ciphers. In 2009, a new “ring” representation of FCSRs was presented. This new representation preserves the statistical properties and circumvents the weaknesses of the Fibonacci and the Galois FCSRs. Moreover an extension of the ring FCSRs called ternary FCSRs has been proposed. They are suitable for hardware and software implementations of FCSRs. In this paper, we show a method of constructing a ternary FCSR with a given connection integer for hardware implementation. The construction is simple and convenient. And the ternary FCSRs we get are able to meet the hardware criteria.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2011/358

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