[Resource Topic] 2022/907: A New Approach to Post-Quantum Non-Malleability

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A New Approach to Post-Quantum Non-Malleability

Authors: Xiao Liang, Omkant Pandey, and Takashi Yamakawa


We provide the first \mathit{constant}-\mathit{round} construction of post-quantum non-malleable commitments under the minimal assumption that \mathit{post}-\mathit{quantum} \mathit{one}-\mathit{way} \mathit{functions} exist. We achieve the standard notion of non-malleability with respect to commitments. Prior constructions required \Omega(\log^*\lambda) rounds under the same assumption. We achieve our results through a new technique for constant-round non-malleable commitments which is easier to use in the post-quantum setting. The technique also yields an almost elementary proof of security for constant-round non-malleable commitments in the classical setting, which may be of independent interest. As an application, when combined with existing work, our results yield the first constant-round post-quantum secure multiparty computation under the \mathit{polynomial} hardness of quantum fully-homomorphic encryption and quantum learning with errors.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2022/907

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