[Resource Topic] 2019/527: Revisiting Privacy-aware Blockchain Public Key Infrastructure

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Revisiting Privacy-aware Blockchain Public Key Infrastructure

Authors: Olamide Omolola, Paul Plessing


Privacy-aware Blockchain Public Key Infrastructure (PB- PKI) is a recent proposal by Louise Axon (2017) to create a privacy-preserving Public Key Infrastructure on the Blockchain. However, PB-PKI suffers from operational problems. We found that the most important change, i.e., the key update process proposed in PB-PKI for privacy is broken. Other issues include authenticating a user during key update and ensuring proper key revocation. In this paper, we provide solutions to the problems of PB-PKI. We suggest generating fresh keys during key update. Furthermore, we use ring signatures for authenticating the user requesting key updates and use Asynchronous accumulators to handle the deletion of revoked keys. We show that the approach is feasible and implement a proof of concept.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2019/527

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