[Resource Topic] 2017/720: Computing Low-Weight Discrete Logarithms

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Computing Low-Weight Discrete Logarithms

Authors: Bailey Kacsmar, Sarah Plosker, Ryan Henry


We propose some new baby-step giant-step algorithms for computing “low-weight” discrete logarithms; that is, for computing discrete logarithms in which the radix-b representation of the exponent is known to have only a small number of nonzero digits. Prior to this work, such algorithms had been proposed for the case where the exponent is known to have low Hamming weight (i.e., the radix-2 case). Our new algorithms (i) improve the best-known deterministic complexity for the radix-2 case, and then (ii) generalize from radix-2 to arbitrary radixes b>1. We also discuss how our new algorithms can be used to attack several recent Verifier-based Password Authenticated Key Exchange (VPAKE) protocols from the cryptographic literature with the conclusion that the new algorithms render those constructions completely insecure in practice.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2017/720

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