[Resource Topic] 2005/453: Further Constructions of Almost Resilient Functions

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Further Constructions of Almost Resilient Functions

Authors: Pinhui Ke, Jie Zhang, Qiaoyan Wen


Almost resilient function is the generalization of resilient
function and have important applications in multiple authenticate
codes and almost security cryptographic Boolean functions.In this
paper,some secondary constructions are provided.In particular, the
theorem 3 in {\cite {ke}} is improved. As \varepsilon -almost$(n,1,k)$-CI functions plays an important role in the
secondary constructions, we concluded some properties and
constructions. Specially we presented a spectrum characterization
of balanced almost CI function, which can be used to identify a
balanced almost CI function by computing its walsh

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2005/453

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