[Resource Topic] 2017/838: Two-Round PAKE from Approximate SPH and Instantiations from Lattices

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Two-Round PAKE from Approximate SPH and Instantiations from Lattices

Authors: Jiang Zhang, Yu Yu


Password-based authenticated key exchange (PAKE) enables two users with shared low-entropy passwords to establish cryptographically strong session keys over insecure networks. At Asiacrypt 2009, Katz and Vaikuntanathan showed a generic three-round PAKE based on any CCA-secure PKE with associated approximate smooth projective hashing (ASPH), which helps to obtain the first PAKE from lattices. In this paper, we give a framework for constructing PAKE from CCA-secure PKE with associated ASPH, which uses only two-round messages by carefully exploiting a splittable property of the underlying PKE and its associated non-adaptive ASPH. We also give a splittable PKE with associated non-adaptive ASPH based on the LWE assumption, which finally allows to instantiate our two-round PAKE framework from lattices.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2017/838

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