[Resource Topic] 2015/959: Cryptanalysis of the Round-Reduced Kupyna Hash Function

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Cryptanalysis of the Round-Reduced Kupyna Hash Function

Authors: Jian Zou, Le Dong


The Kupyna hash function was selected as the new Ukrainian standard DSTU 7564:2014 in 2015. It is designed to replace the old Independent States (CIS) standard GOST 34.311-95. The Kupyna hash function is an AES-based primitive, which uses Merkle-Damgård compression function based on Even-Mansour design. In this paper, we show the first cryptanalytic attacks on the round-reduced Kupyna hash function. Using the rebound attack, we present a collision attack on 5-round of the Kupyna-256 hash function. The complexity of this collision attack is (2^{120},2^{64}) (in time and memory). Furthermore, we use guess-and-determine MitM attack to construct pseudo-preimage attacks on 6-round Kupyna-256 and Kupyna-512 hash function, respectively. The complexity of these preimage attacks are (2^{250.33},2^{250.33}) and (2^{498.33},2^{498.33}) (in time and memory), respectively.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2015/959

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