[Resource Topic] 2023/1174: zkDL: Efficient Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Deep Learning Training

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zkDL: Efficient Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Deep Learning Training

Authors: Haochen Sun, Hongyang Zhang


The recent advancements in deep learning have brought about significant changes in various aspects of people’s lives. Meanwhile, these rapid developments have raised concerns about the legitimacy of the training process of deep networks. However, to protect the intellectual properties of untrusted AI developers, directly examining the training process by accessing the model parameters and training data by verifiers is often prohibited.

In response to this challenge, we present zkDL, an efficient zero-knowledge proof of deep learning training. At the core of zkDL is zkReLU, a specialized zero-knowledge proof protocol with optimized proving time and proof size for the ReLU activation function, a major obstacle in verifiable training due to its non-arithmetic nature. To integrate zkReLU into the proof system for the entire training process, we devise a novel construction of an arithmetic circuit from neural networks. By leveraging the abundant parallel computation resources, this construction reduces proving time and proof sizes by a factor of the network depth. As a result, zkDL enables the generation of complete and sound proofs, taking less than a minute with a size of less than 20 kB per training step, for a 16-layer neural network with 200M parameters, while ensuring the privacy of data and model parameters.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/1174

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