[Resource Topic] 2023/1554: Cornucopia: Distributed randomness beacons at scale

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Cornucopia: Distributed randomness beacons at scale

Authors: Miranda Christ, Kevin Choi, Joseph Bonneau


We propose Cornucopia, a distributed randomness beacon protocol combining accumulators and verifiable delay functions. Cornucopia extends the Unicorn protocol of Lenstra and Wesolowski, utilizing an accumulator to enable efficient verification by each participant that their randomness contribution has been included in the beacon output.
The security of this construction reduces to a novel property of accumulators, insertion security. We first show that not all accumulators are insertion-secure. We then prove that common constructions (Merkle trees and RSA accumulators) are naturally insertion-secure. Finally, we give a generic transformation from any universal accumulator (supporting non-membership proofs) to an insertion-secure accumulator, albeit with an efficiency loss proportional to the security parameter.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/1554

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