[Resource Topic] 2017/1160: A Practical Cryptanalysis of WalnutDSA

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A Practical Cryptanalysis of WalnutDSA

Authors: Daniel Hart, DoHoon Kim, Giacomo Micheli, Guillermo Pascual Perez, Christophe Petit, Yuxuan Quek


We present a practical cryptanalysis of WalnutDSA, a digital signature algorithm trademarked by SecureRF. WalnutDSA uses techniques from permutation groups, matrix groups, and braid groups, and is designed to provide post-quantum security in lightweight IoT device contexts. The attack given in this paper bypasses the E-Multiplication and cloaked conjugacy search problems at the heart of the algorithm and forges signatures for arbitrary messages in approximately two minutes. We also discuss potential countermeasures to the attack.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2017/1160

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