[Resource Topic] 2024/467: Partially Non-Interactive Two-Round Lattice-Based Threshold Signatures

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Partially Non-Interactive Two-Round Lattice-Based Threshold Signatures

Authors: Rutchathon Chairattana-Apirom, Stefano Tessaro, Chenzhi Zhu


This paper gives the first lattice-based two-round threshold signature based on lattice assumptions for which the first message is independent of the message being signed without relying on fully-homomorphic encryption. Our construction supports arbitrary thresholds and is scalable to support a large number of signers, say n = 1024.

Our construction provides a careful instantiation of a generic threshold signature construction by Tessaro and Zhu (EUROCRYPT ’23) based on specific linear hash functions, which in turns can be seen as a generalization of the FROST scheme by Komlo and Goldberg (SAC ’20). Our reduction techniques are new in the context of lattice-based cryptography. Also, our scheme does not use any heavy tools, such as NIZKs or homomorphic trapdoor commitments.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2024/467

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