[Resource Topic] 2019/567: (Linkable) Ring Signature from Hash-Then-One-Way Signature

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(Linkable) Ring Signature from Hash-Then-One-Way Signature

Authors: Xingye Lu, Man Ho Au, Zhenfei Zhang


In this paper, we revisit the generic construction of ring signatures from hash-then-one-way type (\mathsf{Type-H}) signatures proposed by Abe et al. (AOS) in 2004 and made the following contributions. First, we give a proof for the generic construction, in a strengthened security model. Previously, this was only done for concrete instantiations, in a weaker model. Second, we extend AOS’s framework to generically construct one-time linkable ring signatures from \mathsf{Type-H} signatures and one-time signatures. Lastly, we instantiate the generic construction with an NTRU-based \mathsf{Type-H} signature: Falcon~and obtain a post-quantum linkable ring signature scheme. Our analysis shows that the resulting linkable signature is more efficient than any existing lattice based solutions for small to moderate number of users.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2019/567

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