[Resource Topic] 2024/305: Single-Input Functionality against a Dishonest Majority: Practical and Round-Optimal

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Single-Input Functionality against a Dishonest Majority: Practical and Round-Optimal

Authors: Zhelei Zhou, Bingsheng Zhang, Hong-Sheng Zhou, Kui Ren


In this work, we focus on Single-Input Functionality (SIF), which can be viewed as a special case of MPC. In a SIF, only one distinguished party called the dealer holds a private input. SIF allows the dealer to perform a computation task with other parties without revealing any additional information about the private input. SIF has diverse applications, including multiple-verifier zero-knowledge, and verifiable relation sharing.

As our main contribution, we propose the first 1-round SIF protocol against a dishonest majority in the preprocessing model, which is highly efficient. The only prior work that achieves 1-round online communication assumes an honest majority and is only a feasibility result (Applebaum et al., Crypto 2022). We implement our protocols and conduct extensive experiments to illustrate the practical efficiency of our protocols.

As our side product, we extend the subfield Vector Oblivious Linear Evaluation (sVOLE) into the multi-party setting, and propose a new primitive called multi-verifier sVOLE, which may be of independent interest.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2024/305

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