[Resource Topic] 2004/158: Mobile Terminal Security

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Mobile Terminal Security

Authors: Olivier Benoit, Nora Dabbous, Laurent Gauteron, Pierre Girard, Helena Handschuh, David Naccache, Stéphane Socié, Claire Whelan


The miniaturization of electronics and recent developments in
biometric and screen technologies will permit a pervasive presence
of embedded systems. This - and the inclusion of networking
capabilities and IP addresses in many handheld devices - will
foster the widespread deployment of personal mobile

This work attempts to overview these diverse aspects of mobile
device security. We will describe mobile networks’ security (WLAN
and WPAN security, GSM and 3GPP security) and address platform
security issues such as bytecode verification for mobile equipment
and protection against viruses and Trojan horses in mobile
environment - with a concrete J2ME implementation example. Finally
we will turn to hardware attacks and briefly survey the physical
weaknesses that can be exploited to compromise mobile

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2004/158

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