[Resource Topic] 2024/494: HW-token-based Common Random String Setup

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HW-token-based Common Random String Setup

Authors: István Vajda


In the common random string model, the parties executing a protocol have access to a uniformly random bit string. It is known that under standard intractability assumptions, we can realize any ideal functionality with universally composable (UC) security if a trusted common random string (CrS) setup is available. It was always a question of where this CrS should come from since the parties provably could not compute it themselves. Trust assumptions are required, so minimizing the level of such trust is a fundamentally important task. Our goal is to design a CrS setup protocol under a weakened trust assumption. We present an HW-token-based CrS setup for 2-party cryptographic protocols using a single token only. Our protocol is a UC-secure realization of ideal common random string functionality FCrS. We show the multiple-session security of the protocol and we also consider the multi-party extension of it.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2024/494

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