[Resource Topic] 2023/685: Third-Party Private Set Intersection

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Third-Party Private Set Intersection

Authors: Foo Yee Yeo, Jason H. M. Ying


Private set intersection (PSI) enables two parties, each holding a private set to compute their intersection without revealing other information in the process. We introduce a generalized extension of conventional PSI termed as third-party PSI, whereby the intersection output of the two parties is only known to an inputless third party. In this setting, the two parties who participate in the protocol have no knowledge of the intersection result or any information of the set content of the other party. In general, third-party PSI settings arise where there is a need for an external party to obtain the intersection outcome without leakage of additional information to any other party. This setting is motivated by an increasing importance in several real-world applications. We describe protocols which achieve this functionality with minimal communication overhead. To the best of knowledge, our work is the first of its kind to explore this variant of PSI.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/685

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