[Resource Topic] 2005/424: Efficient Mutual Data Authentication Using Manually Authenticated Strings

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Efficient Mutual Data Authentication Using Manually Authenticated Strings

Authors: Sven Laur, N. Asokan, Kaisa Nyberg


Solutions for an easy and secure setup of a wireless connection between two devices are urgently needed for WLAN, Wireless USB, Bluetooth and similar standards for short range wireless communication. In this paper we analyse the SAS protocol by Vaudenay and propose a new three round protocol MA-3 for mutual data authentication based on a cryptographic commitment scheme and short manually authenticated out-of-band messages. We show that non-malleability of the commitment scheme is essential for the security of the SAS and the MA-3 schemes and that extractability or equivocability do not imply non-malleability. We also give new proofs of security for the SAS and MA-3 protocols and suggestions how to instantiate the MA-3 protocol in practise.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2005/424

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