[Resource Topic] 2022/022: Dynamic Group Signature Scheme on Lattice with Verifier-local Revocation

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Dynamic Group Signature Scheme on Lattice with Verifier-local Revocation

Authors: Xiuju Huang, Jiashuo Song, Zichen Li


The verifier-local revocation mechanism (VLR) is an ideal function of group signature. As long as the verifier knows the revocation list, he/she can verify the legitimacy of the signer, prevent the revoked user from impersonating a legitimate user for signature, ensure the timeliness of signature information and save resources. Group signature is often required to realize users’ dynamic addition and revocation. Therefore, an efficient lattice signature scheme with a local revocation mechanism and alter the number of users has become an important topic. In this paper, a zero-knowledge proof scheme on the lattice has been proposed. Based on it, a group signature scheme with VLR has been constructed. This scheme can effectively join and revocation without generating the key pair again. The tracking mechanism uses an encryption scheme. As long as given a correct tracking key, the signer index can be opened quickly. And this algorithm has short public key, logarithmic signature length, and efficient implementation of the VLR function.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2022/022

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