[Resource Topic] 2018/1171: PwoP: Intrusion-Tolerant and Privacy-Preserving Sensor Fusion

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PwoP: Intrusion-Tolerant and Privacy-Preserving Sensor Fusion

Authors: Chenglu Jin, Marten van Dijk, Michael K. Reiter, Haibin Zhang


We design and implement, PwoP, an efficient and scalable system for intrusion-tolerant and privacy-preserving multi-sensor fusion. PwoP develops and unifies techniques from dependable distributed systems and modern cryptography, and in contrast to prior works, can 1) provably defend against pollution attacks where some malicious sensors lie about their values to sway the final result, and 2) perform within the computation and bandwidth limitations of cyber-physical systems. PwoP is flexible and extensible, covering a variety of application scenarios. We demonstrate the practicality of our system using Raspberry Pi Zero W, and we show that PwoP is efficient in both failure-free and failure scenarios.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2018/1171

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