[Resource Topic] 2023/922: mR$_{\text{LWE}}$-CP-ABE a revocable CP-ABE for Post-Quantum Cryptography

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mR$_{\text{LWE}}$-CP-ABE a revocable CP-ABE for Post-Quantum Cryptography

Authors: Marco Cianfriglia, Elia Onofri, Marco Pedicini


We address the problem of user fast revocation in the lattice based CP-ABE by extending the scheme originally introduced in [A ciphertext policy attribute-based encryption scheme without pairings. J. Zhang, Z. Zhang - ICISC 2011]. While a lot of work exists on the construction of revocable schemes for CP-ABE based on pairings, works based on lattices are not so common, and – to the best of our knowledge – we introduce the first server-aided revocation scheme in a lattice based CP-ABE scheme, hence providing post-quantum safety. In particular, we rely on semi-trusted “mediators” to provide a multi-step decryption capable of handling mediation without re-encryption.
We comment on the scheme and its application and we provide performance experiments on a prototype implementation in the ABE spin-off library of Palisade to evaluate the overhead compared with the original scheme.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/922

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