[Resource Topic] 2016/290: Nonce-Based Cryptography: Retaining Security when Randomness Fails

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Nonce-Based Cryptography: Retaining Security when Randomness Fails

Authors: Mihir Bellare, Björn Tackmann


We take nonce-based cryptography beyond symmetric encryption, developing it as a broad and practical way to mitigate damage caused by failures in randomness, whether inadvertent (bugs) or malicious (subversion). We focus on definitions and constructions for nonce-based public-key encryption and briefly treat nonce-based signatures. We introduce and construct hedged extractors as a general tool in this domain. Our nonce-based PKE scheme guarantees that if the adversary wants to violate IND-CCA security then it must do both of the following: (1) fully compromise the RNG (2) penetrate the sender system to exfiltrate a seed used by the sender

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2016/290

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