[Resource Topic] 2023/1060: Auditable Attribute-Based Credentials Scheme and Its Applications in Contact Tracing

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Auditable Attribute-Based Credentials Scheme and Its Applications in Contact Tracing

Authors: Pengfei Wang, Xiangyu Su, Mario Larangeira, Keisuke Tanaka


During the pandemic, the limited functionality of existing privacy-preserving contact tracing systems highlights the need for new designs. Wang et al. proposed an environmental-adaptive framework (CSS ‘21) but failed to formalize the security. The similarity between their framework and attribute-based credentials (ABC) inspires us to reconsider contact tracing from the perspective of ABC schemes. In such schemes, users can obtain credentials on attributes from issuers and prove the credentials anonymously (i.e., hiding sensitive information of both user and issuer). This work first extends ABC schemes with auditability, which enables designated auditing authorities to revoke the anonymity of particular issuers. We show a concrete construction by adding a DDH-based ``auditable public key’’ mechanism to the Connolly et al.'s ABC scheme (PKC '22). In this work we present three contributions regarding the auditable ABC: (1) we refine the environmental-adaptive contact tracing framework, (2) present a formal treatment which includes game-based security definition and a detailed protocol construction. Finally, (3) we implement our construction to showcase the practicality of our protocol.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/1060

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