[Resource Topic] 2006/063: Provably Secure Universal Steganographic Systems

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Provably Secure Universal Steganographic Systems

Authors: Boris Ryabko, Daniil Ryabko


We propose a simple universal (that is, distribution–free) steganographic system
in which covertexts with and without hidden texts are statistically indistinguishable.
Moreover, the proposed steganographic system has two important properties. First, the rate of transmission of hidden information approaches the Shannon entropy
of the covertext source as the size of blocks used for hidden text encoding tends to infinity.
Second, if the size of the alphabet of the covertext source and its minentropy tend to infinity
then the the number of bits of hidden text per letter of covertext tends to \log(n!)/n where n
is the (fixed) size of blocks used for hidden text encoding. The proposed stegosystem uses randomization.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2006/063

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