[Resource Topic] 2018/563: Multi-client Predicate-only Encryption for Conjunctive Equality Tests

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Multi-client Predicate-only Encryption for Conjunctive Equality Tests

Authors: Tim van de Kamp, Andreas Peter, Maarten H. Everts, Willem Jonker


We propose the first multi-client predicate-only encryption scheme capable of efficiently testing the equality of two encrypted vectors. Our construction can be used for the privacy-preserving monitoring of relations among multiple clients. Since both the clients’ data and the predicates are encrypted, our system is suitable for situations in which this information is considered sensitive. We prove our construction plaintext and predicate private in the generic bilinear group model using random oracles, and secure under chosen-plaintext attack with unbounded corruptions under the symmetric external Diffie-Hellman assumption. Additionally, we provide a proof-of-concept implementation that is capable of evaluating one thousand predicates defined over the inputs of ten clients in less than a minute on commodity hardware.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2018/563

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