[Resource Topic] 2003/011: Cryptanalysis of Lee-Hwang-Li's Key Authentication Scheme

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Cryptanalysis of Lee-Hwang-Li’s Key Authentication Scheme

Authors: Fangguo Zhang, Kwangjo Kim


Key authentication is very important in secret communications and
data security. Recently, Lee, Hwang and Li proposed a new public
key authentication scheme for cryptosystems with a trusty server.
However, in this paper, we will show that Lee-Hwang-Li’s key
authentication scheme is not secure, from the obtained public
information, any one can get the private key of the user. And
then, we propose an improved scheme. We conclude that our new key
authentication scheme not only resolves the problems appeared but
also is secure.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2003/011

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