[Resource Topic] 2016/1087: CENC is Optimally Secure

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CENC is Optimally Secure

Authors: Tetsu Iwata, Bart Mennink, Damian Vizár


At FSE 2006, Iwata introduced the CENC encryption mode and proved its security up to 2^{2n/3} plaintext blocks processed in total. He conjectured optimal security up to a constant. In this brief note, we confirm this conjecture. Rather than proving it ourselves, we point out that the conjecture’s proof follows as a corollary of Patarin’s ``Theorem P_i xor P_j for any xi_max’’ from 2010. This connection appears to have remained unnoticed, and the sole purpose of this brief note is to make the connection explicit.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2016/1087

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