[Resource Topic] 2006/165: Pairings for Cryptographers

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Pairings for Cryptographers

Authors: S. D. Galbraith, K. G. Paterson, N. P. Smart


Many research papers in pairing based cryptography
treat pairings as a ``black box’'. These papers build
cryptographic schemes making use of various properties of
If this approach is taken, then it is easy for authors to
make invalid assumptions concerning the properties of pairings.
The cryptographic schemes developed
may not be realizable in practice, or may not be
as efficient as the authors assume.

The aim of this paper is to outline, in as simple a fashion
as possible, the basic choices that are available when
using pairings in cryptography. For each choice, the main
properties and efficiency issues are summarized. The paper is
intended to be of use to non-specialists who are interested
in using pairings to design cryptographic schemes.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2006/165

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