[Resource Topic] 2020/105: MCU intrinsic group features for component authentication

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MCU intrinsic group features for component authentication

Authors: Frank Schuhmacher


We provide a solution for the authentication of a component, accessory, smart card or tag by a main device via challenge-response-tests of two MCU intrinsic features: Progression in the execution of test programs (measured in processor clocks) and peripheral feedback to internal stimulation. The main device will be called challenger and the other device responder. Our solution requires that the authentic responders are characterized by a dedicated MCU model and a common responder ID in read-only MCU registers. Its main application is the detection/lock-out of counterfeit batteries, cartridges, sensors, or control units. The solution also suits as a redundant authentication factor in high security applications, such as payment, or conditional access.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2020/105

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