[Resource Topic] 2005/160: First Steps Toward a Cryptography-Aware Language and Compiler

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First Steps Toward a Cryptography-Aware Language and Compiler

Authors: M. Barbosa, R. Noad, D. Page, N. P. Smart


When developing secure, high-performance cryptographic software, the programmer is presented with a wide range of problems. Not only must they be conversant with pertinent scientific results, they must efficiently translate said results into a practical context. Unlike when writing normal programs, they are given little help from either the language or compiler: both are typically too general purpose to offer domain specific optimisation or analysis that would save the programmer time and reduce the potential for error. As a step toward solving this problem we present CAO, a cryptography-aware domain-specific language and associated compiler system. Rather than being a panacea, we pitch CAO as a mechanism for transferring and automating the expert knowledge of cryptographers into a form which is accessible to anyone writing security conscious software.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2005/160

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