[Resource Topic] 2023/831: An automated generation tool of hardware masked S-box: AGEMA$^{+} $

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An automated generation tool of hardware masked S-box: AGEMA$^{+} $

Authors: Lixuan Wu, Yanhong Fan, Bart Preneel, Weijia Wang, Meiqin Wang


Masking is considered to be an essential defense mechanism against side-channel attacks, but it is challenging to be adopted for hardware cryptographic implementations, especially for high-security orders. Recently, Knichel et al. proposed an automated tool called AGEMA that enables the generation of masked implementations in hardware for arbitrary security orders using composable gadgets. This accelerates the construction and practical application of masking schemes. This article proposes a new automated tool named AGEMA$^+ that can generate masked implementations with much better performance. The effectiveness of AGEMA^+ is evaluated in several case studies. The evaluation results show a significant performance improvement, particularly for the first-order secure SKINNY S-box: saving 41 % area, 25 % latency, and 49 % dynamic power. We achieve such a good result by integrating three key techniques: a new composable AND-XOR gadget, an optimization strategy based on the latency asymmetry feature of the AND-XOR gadget, and an implementation optimization for synchronization. Besides, we use the formal verification tool SILVER and FPGA-based practical experiments to confirm the security of the masked implementations generated by AGEMA^+$.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/831

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