[Resource Topic] 2004/342: A comb method to render ECC resistant against Side Channel Attacks

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A comb method to render ECC resistant against Side Channel Attacks

Authors: Mustapha Hedabou, Pierre Pinel, Lucien Bénéteau


Side Channel Attacks may exploit leakage information to break cryptosystems on smard card devices. In this paper we present a new SCA-resistant elliptic curve scalar multiplication algorithm, based on the Lim and Lee technique. The proposed algorithm builds a sequence of bit-strings representing the scalar k, characterized by the fact that all bit-strings are different from zero; this property will ensure a uniform computation behaviour for the algorithm, and thus will make it secure against SPA (Simple Power Analysis) attacks. The use of a recently introduced randomization technique achieves the security of the proposed scheme against other SCA attacks. Furthermore, the proposed countermeasures do not penalize the computation time

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2004/342

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