[Resource Topic] 2004/028: Custodian-Hiding Verifiable Encryption

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Custodian-Hiding Verifiable Encryption

Authors: Joseph K. Liu, Victor K. Wei, Duncan S. Wong


In a verifiable encryption, an asymmetrically encrypted ciphertext
can be publicly verified to be decipherable by a designated receiver
while maintaining the semantic security of the message
In this paper, we introduce {\em Custodian-Hiding Verifiable Encryption},
where it can be publicly verified that there exists at least
one custodian (user), out of a designated group of n custodians (users),
who can decrypt the message, while the semantic security of the message
and the anonymity of the actual decryptor
are maintained.
Our scheme is proven secure in the random oracle model.
We also introduce two extensions to decryption by a subset of more
than one user.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2004/028

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