[Resource Topic] 2023/978: $\textsf{PAE}$: Towards More Efficient and BBB-secure AE From a Single Public Permutation

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\textsf{PAE}: Towards More Efficient and BBB-secure AE From a Single Public Permutation

Authors: Arghya Bhattacharjee, Ritam Bhaumik, Avijit Dutta, Eik List


Four recent trends have emerged in the evolution of authenticated encryption schemes:
(1) Regarding simplicity, the adoption of public permutations as primitives allows for sparing a key schedule and the need for storing round keys;
(2) using the sums of permutation outputs, inputs, or outputs has been a well-studied means to achieve higher security beyond the birthday bound;
(3) concerning robustness, schemes should provide graceful security degradation if a limited amount of nonces repeats during the lifetime of a key, and
(4) Andreeva et al.'s ForkCipher approach can increase the efficiency of a scheme since they can use fewer rounds per output branch compared to full-round primitives.

In this work, we improve on the state of the art by combining those aspects for efficient authenticated encryption.
We propose \textsf{PAE}, an efficient nonce-based AE scheme that employs a public permutation and one call to an XOR-universal hash function.
\textsf{PAE} provides O(2n/3)-bit security and high throughput by combining forked public-permutation-based variants of \textsf{nEHtM} and an Encrypted Davies-Meyer.
Thus, it can use a single, in part round-reduced, public permutation for most operations, spare a key schedule, and guarantee security beyond the birthday bound even under limited nonce reuse.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/978

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