[Resource Topic] 2002/159: Related-Key and Key-Collision Attacks Against RMAC

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Related-Key and Key-Collision Attacks Against RMAC

Authors: Tadayoshi Kohno


In [JJV02] Jaulmes, Joux, and Valette propose a new randomized
message authentication scheme, called RMAC, which NIST is currently
in the process of standardizing [NIS02]. In this work we
present several attacks against RMAC. The attacks are based on a
new protocol-level related-key attack against RMAC and can be
considered variants of Biham’s key-collision attack [Bih02].
These attacks provide insights into the RMAC design. We believe
that the protocol-level related-key attack is of independent

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2002/159

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