[Resource Topic] 2018/692: New Configurations of Grain Ciphers: Security Against Slide Attacks

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New Configurations of Grain Ciphers: Security Against Slide Attacks

Authors: Diana Maimut, George Teseleanu


eSTREAM brought to the attention of the cryptographic community a number of stream ciphers including Grain v0 and its revised version Grain v1. The latter was selected as a finalist of the competition’s hardware-based portfolio. The Grain family includes two more instantiations, namely Grain 128 and Grain 128a. The scope our paper is to provide an insight on how to obtain secure configurations of the Grain family of stream ciphers. We propose different variants for Grain and analyze their security with respect to slide attacks. More precisely, as various attacks against initialization algorithms of Grain were discussed in the literature, we study the security impact of various parameters which may influence the LFSR’s initialization scheme.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2018/692

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