[Resource Topic] 2021/1574: Ascon PRF, MAC, and Short-Input MAC

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Ascon PRF, MAC, and Short-Input MAC

Authors: Christoph Dobraunig, Maria Eichlseder, Florian Mendel, Martin Schläffer


The cipher suite Ascon v1.2 already provides authenticated encryption schemes, hash, and extendable output functions. Furthermore, the underlying permutation is also used in two instances of Isap v2.0, an authenticated encryption scheme designed to provide enhanced robustness against side-channel and fault attacks. In this paper, we enrich the functionality one can get out of Ascon’s permutation by providing efficient Pseudorandom Functions (PRFs), a Message Authentication Code (MAC) and a fast short-input PRF for messages up to 128 bits.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2021/1574

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