[Resource Topic] 2024/402: Efficient Unbalanced Quorum PSI from Homomorphic Encryption

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Efficient Unbalanced Quorum PSI from Homomorphic Encryption

Authors: Xinpeng Yang, Liang Cai, Yinghao Wang, Yinghao Wang, Lu Sun, Jingwei Hu


Multiparty private set intersection (mPSI) protocol is capable of finding the intersection of multiple sets securely without revealing any other information. However, its limitation lies in processing only those elements present in every participant’s set, which proves inadequate in scenarios where certain elements are common to several, but not all, sets.
In this paper, we introduce an innovative variant of the mPSI protocol named unbalanced quorum PSI to fill in the gaps of the mPSI protocol. Unlike the previous quorum-PSI proposals which detect elements present in at least k out of n equal sets, our protocol is particularly tailored for unbalanced cases where the size of the receiver’s set is much smaller than the size of the senders’ sets. Our work achieves logarithmic communication complexity in the semi-honest setting, significantly surpassing previous work in efficiency.
The benchmarks show that it takes 22.7 seconds in WAN and 14.7 seconds in LAN for online computation, and only 87.8 MB of total communication to intersect 5535 elements across 15 sets, each containing 2^{24} elements. Compared to prior work, this is roughly an 87$\times$ reduction in communication and a 31$\times$ reduction in online time. Our protocols can be easily extended to the larger set with 2^{28} elements which is nearly impractical for prior work.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2024/402

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