[Resource Topic] 2017/782: Efficient Attribute-Based Secure Keyword Search on the Cloud Storage

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Efficient Attribute-Based Secure Keyword Search on the Cloud Storage

Authors: Wanfen Guo, Xiaolei Dong, Zhenfu Cao, Jiachen Shen


Cloud computing is very popular for its computing and storage capacity at lower cost. More and more data are being moved to the cloud to reduce storage cost. On the other hand, since the cloud is not fully trustable, in order to protect data privacy against third-parties and even the cloud server, they are usually encrypted before uploading. However, many operations, such as searching, are hard to perform on encrypted data. To solve this problem, searchable encryption has emerged. Searchable encryption in multi-user setting is much less efficient than in single-user setting. In order to address this problem, we propose a multi-owner to multi-user searchable encryption scheme based on attribute-based encryption. Our scheme keeps data secure in the cloud even against the cloud server. It allows users with appropriate authorizations to perform search operations on encrypted data. In addition, search tokens are generated by users instead of data owners. We prove that token privacy and index privacy are well protected in our scheme. The cloud server and illegimate users are not able to get any useful information about search tokens and ciphertexts. Ciphertexts of our scheme are constant-size, which reduce the time-complexity and bandwidth overhead of our scheme.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2017/782

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