[Resource Topic] 2004/051: Privacy Preserving Keyword Searches on Remote Encrypted Data

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Privacy Preserving Keyword Searches on Remote Encrypted Data

Authors: Yan-Cheng Chang, Michael Mitzenmacher


We consider the following problem: a user \U\ wants to store his
files in an encrypted form on a remote file server \FS. Later the
user \U\ wants to efficiently retrieve some of the encrypted files
containing (or indexed by) specific keywords, keeping the keywords
themselves secret and not jeopardizing the security of the
remotely stored files. For example, a user may want to store old
e-mail messages encrypted on a server managed by Yahoo or another
large vendor, and later retrieve certain messages while traveling
with a mobile device.

In this paper, we offer solutions for this problem under well-defined security requirements. Our schemes are efficient in the sense that no public-key cryptosystem is involved. Indeed, our approach is independent of the encryption method chosen for the remote files. They are also incremental, in that \U\ can submit new files which are totally secure against previous queries but still searchable against future queries.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2004/051

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