[Resource Topic] 2023/1350: On the Security of KZG Commitment for VSS

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On the Security of KZG Commitment for VSS

Authors: Atsuki Momose, Sourav Das, Ling Ren


The constant-sized polynomial commitment scheme by Kate, Zaverucha, and Goldberg (Asiscrypt 2010), also known as the KZG commitment, is an essential component in designing bandwidth-efficient verifiable secret-sharing (VSS) protocols. We point out, however, that the KZG commitment is missing two important properties that are crucial for VSS protocols.

First, the KZG commitment has not been proven to be degree binding in the standard adversary model without idealized group assumptions. In other words, the committed polynomial is not guaranteed to have the claimed degree, which is supposed to be the reconstruction threshold of VSS. Without this property, shareholders in VSS may end up reconstructing different secrets depending on which shares are used.

Second, the KZG commitment does not support polynomials with different degrees at once with a single setup. If the reconstruction threshold of the underlying VSS protocol changes, the protocol must redo the setup, which involves an expensive multi-party computation known as the powers of tau setup.

In this work, we augment the KZG commitment to address both of these limitations. Our scheme is degree-binding in the standard model under the strong Diffie-Hellman (SDH) assumption. It supports any degree 0 < d \le m under a powers-of-tau common reference string with m+1 group elements generated by a one-time setup.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/1350

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